Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Reflection

Today is Mother's Day. As I celebrate this occasion as a newbie mom, I can't help but reflect on how enormous the impact of being a mom has made on my life. As others say, the moment you give birth, life will never be the same.

On the shallow side:
1. Gone are the days of extended snoozing. When I was single, I used to wake up as late as 2PM during weekends. Now that I'm a mom, 7AM is soooo late.
2. I've always been insomniac, but I guess Rocco cured it. I'm proud to say that I can effortlessly sleep at 8PM, just in time when Rocco sleeps too. Sabay kami.
3. Straight sleeping? Naaah!!! It's a thing of the past.
4. Taking a bath? I can do it now in 5min tops, especially when Rocco is looking for me.
5. Couch potato all day? You bet! I hardly even watch TV anymore.
6. Slow eating? I can finish my meals now in 5min!
7. Late night gimmicks? I'd rather be at home now bonding with my son.

But all these shallowness are nothing everytime I hear Rocco laugh, I smell his armpits, I kiss his drooly lips, I hug his chubby body, I bite his hands and feet, or just feel him breathe.

What makes it even better is when Rocco calls me "a-me", when he hugs be back everytime I hug him, when he gently touches my face everytime we play, when my simple jokes and funny faces would make him laugh so hard, when his face lightens up when we arrive home from work, when he refuses to sleep because he's waiting for us, when nobody else can make him sleep other than me, when Rocco recognizes my voice and looks for me when I call him from afar, or simply just the feeling of being needed, and the list goes on and on.

I have never felt so much love before I had Rocco, and sometimes it scares the hell out of me. The responsibility is so heavy, and for a very carefree person like me, it can be such a pressure. I worry about the little things, and it's still a struggle that I'm learning to live with.

Motherhood has changed my life enormously, but I would not have had it any other way. Because of Rocco, and my husband Sieg, I have never felt more complete.
To Sieg and Rocco, thank you for making me the happiest wife  and mommy! I love you to the moon and back :)

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