Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Products I use on Rocco

The baby industry is so thriving, what with all the products being sold in malls, and even in online stores. I can spend a whole morning just checking Multiply Marketplace for new finds. Actually, it can be migraine inducing just comparing products. There are those that claim to be organic, chemical free, BPA free, etc. So I patiently research and read reviews before I buy the products.

My rules of thumb are:
1. It must be baby-safe (no unsafe chemicals, all-natural). Still, I try to limit the products I use on Rocco. We can never be too sure if these are indeed all-natural and baby safe.
2. Dapat hiyang ang anak ko. It might be the most expensive and claim to be the best, but if my baby does not like the product, then it's useless.

So far, here are the products that I've tried and tested, and which my baby loves too!
1. Dove Baby
When Rocco was a newborn, he had milia all over his forehead, and his face was very oily. I thought he got it from his Dad, who has oily skin too. But when I started using Dove Baby on him (after his cord stump fell off), his face cleared up and really became so smooth, white and moisturized. It's a bit pricey but one bar of soap lasts for almost three months. I will stick to Dove Baby no matter what.

2. Cetaphil Restoraderm
Rocco's skin around his shoulder easily gets dry and flaky. I don't know why. Must be from excessive sweating. To help his skin clear up, I use Cetaphil Restoraderm on the dry parts. Super effective! In a day or two, his skin is smooth and flawless again.

3. Nivea Baby Gentle Shampoo & Bath
Before, I used the shampoo variant only for Rocco's hair, but I noticed that his scalp became flaky and dry. I switched to the gentle shampoo & bath variant, and so far, his hair has really thickened up, and there are no more flakes and dry parts.

4. Nivea Baby Gentle Moisturizing Lotion
I'm not really a fan of putting too many products on my son, so I keep the lotion to a minimum. Just on his legs, arms, chest, and back. Nothing on his face. So far, his skin likes the Nivea lotion.

5. Microfibers
For Rocco's bath time, I use a microfiber towel, rather than the usual baby sponge (breeding place of germs!). Microfiber is a great discovery. It's so absorbent, smooth on skin, and easily absorbs extra wetness from Rocco's skin.

6. Indigo Baby Jar of Hope
For bites and scratches, I use the jar of hope. I'm so happy that Rocco never experienced diaper rashes (except when he was a newborn and was left at the hospital for a week). Must be because we use cloth diapers on him.

7. Indigo Baby Shoo Fly Away
I like this better than the Human Nature variant because the citronella and lemongrass smell are more subdued, and not too strong for Rocco's fragile nose.

8. Next9 Cloth Diapers
I love this product!!! So useful and economical. Hands down.

9. Huggies Diapers
For quick trips out of the house, we use disposables. It's easier that way. I used EQ before but I don't like the fit on Rocco's bum, so we switched to Huggies. So far, so good!

10. Baby Wipes
When we're at home, I prefer using cotton balls dipped in mineral water to clean Rocco's bum. It's more hygienic, and economical. When we're out on a trip, I use Giggles because it doesn't have any alcohol odor.

11. Cradle Bottle Cleaner
I feel that the normal dishwashing liquids might leave harmful residues, so I use this special bottle cleaner made especially for babies. It's a bit pricey but 1L of bottle lasts for an entire month.

12. Avent Bottles
I ordered mine from the US so I got it at a cheaper price. So far, I had no bad experience with colic and leaking milk, which I've read in some reviews.

13. Green Cross 70% Isoprophyl Alcohol
I prefer this over the moisturizer variant. We can never sanitize enough!

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