Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rocco's Feeding Loots

Though I'm still not done with my feeding chair dilemma, I've already purchased some of Rocco's feeding stuff. I scored some really good buys (at really cheap prices with free shipping) at Multiply, and still hoping to find more!

1. Non-spill sippy cup
I haven't bought this one yet, but I'm leaning towards Avent. Actually, anything will do as long as it's BPA free.

2. Munchkin Food Mesh Feeder
A great baby product, this mesher has holes so small that only the juice, and some tiny particles of the soft food can be eaten by the baby. This is a great way to introduce solid food (not pureed or liquified) to the baby without the fear of choking. I got my mesher for a really great bargain!

3. Ikea Fabler Bibs
Very cheap, I bought this for roughly 180pesos at Multiply. What I like about Ikea bibs is the touch and close fastener, and the width around the neck fits Rocco to a T. This bib also has a large spill pocket to catch any dripping mess from Rocco's mouth.

4. Munchkin Soft tip Infant Spoon
I was leaning towards buying the white-hot spoon which detects if food is hot up to a certain degree. Bu it got me thinking too, why would I serve super hot food to my baby? So I bought these color spoons instead. I got this at almost 100pesos off from mall prices. Not bad, eh? I really like the soft and rounded tips, perfect for Rocco's gentle gums. It's also BPA free, and the long, colorful handles are really eye catching.

5. Boon Squirt Spoon
Another genius invention! Great for on-the-go feeding, liquified/mashed food up to 3oz can be placed in the fat handle, and baby food is dispensed one bite at a time. No unwanted mess! There's also a protective cover which keeps the spoon clean in between feedings.

Now if I can only decide on the feeding chair.

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