Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Movenpick Staycation

Last weekend, my in-laws visited us here in Cebu to celebrate Ninang Ann's birthday. Ann is my sister-in-law and ninang to Rocco. She traveled from Manila with her fiance, Eugene, also Rocco's ninong. My parent-in-law also traveled from Tacloban.

We didn't have specific plans for the weekend, but they wanted to go swimming. We initially planned on doing a day trip either to Imperial Palace or Plantation Bay but it was too expensive for a day trip, plus, we wanted an overnight booking.

I suggested going to Movenpick. This is located beside Mactan Shangrila, and used to be the Hilton Hotel. It was taken over by the Swiss hoteliers, and was rebranded as part of the international chain of Movenpick resorts and hotels. I've heard a lot about this resort, and saw a tweet from KC Concepcion who was billeted there for the X-Factor auditions. So last Saturday, I called up the resort and inquired of a room availability. The family suite costs a hefty sum but it was OK because there were six of us, and buffet meals were included. After our reservation was confirmed, we all trooped to the resort which is just 20-30min away from our house. 

That's why I love Cebu, the beaches are just a stone throw away :)
 Entrance of the family suite.
 The living room. We had an extra bed installed for Ninong Eugene.
 The second room. We had an extra bed installed too for Ninang Ann.
We occupied the masters bedroom with Rocco.
The little boy was having a great time!
 The cozy lobby area.
 The beach front garden.
Just a few steps away to the white sand beach.
 A view of the three towers.
 Birthday dinner at Golden Cowrie, Mactan.
The famous Manny O's Wine & Tapas. It has a really nice view & ambience especially at night time.
 Hubby woke up early the next day and got a glimpse of the sun just starting to come out. Amazing!
Beautiful. I'm glad we had this staycation.

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