Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why do babies hate vitamins?

Yesterday, I had a major scare when Rocco almost choked from his vitamins. He used to like it, but I guess his interests are changing, and vitamins is not on the "like" list anymore.

I was giving Rocco his vitamins while holding him down. Usually, I drop these on the side of his mouth so he wouldn't choke, but yesterday, he was restraining so hard, refused to open his mouth, and suddenly flung his head while I was administering, and his vits went straight to his throat!! For a moment, he didn't breathe, then he let out a huge cry, the first time I've seen him really cry since he was born. He then kept on coughing, crying, and coughing again, until he spit out the vitamins, together with his saliva.

Hay naku...My heart skipped a thousand beats while Rocco was in agony. I wanted to cry too. I kept saying sorry, but he wouldn't look at me. Nagalit ata sa akin. He fell asleep on my shoulder while still sobbing. I guess he grew tired from crying, because he didn't even take his milk.

Moving forward, I will not force his vitamins anymore. I just instructed his yaya to give it to him during the day when he's in a good mood. At least, mas madali i-distract. OK. Enough with negative vibes. Rocco is feeling fine now. He hugged and kissed me last night.

Moving on to happier thoughts...
The peg of this pic is a cute baby dancer. Hehe Kidding! I took this photo after I bought his bowtie for his first ever wedding bearer stint. Latest habit nya ang "kagat labi". Bagay lang sa outfit nya :)

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