Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rocco is 1/2 year old!

L-R: Newborn, 1Month, 2Months, 3Months, 4Months, 5Months, 6Months
Rocco turns six months today, and he is at his most active self! I can only imagine when he starts crawling, walking, and running!

Yesterday, we went to his pedia for his monthly checkup and immunization, and his latest vital stats are: 8.3kg weight and 71cm height. My gosh, he's getting heavier by the day, and my shoulders are almost dying everytime I carry him around. Pakarga pa naman everytime Mommy is around.

I'm happy to note that Rocco is developing really well. Aside from his physical growth, his motor, language and social skills are really improving. Sobra nga sa social skills (buti nalang).
- He can lift his chest already and fully extend his arms. Parang nag push-ups lang :)
- He rocks and kicks A LOT!
- He can sit well with support. Just this morning during bathtime, he was able to sit on his own with his hand holding the side of the tub. Very good, anak!
- He loves to stand (of course, still with support). Even in the car, he would stand and jump till he's tired.
- He grabs everything he can get hold on to. Kaya, we're very careful with the things around him. No small & pointed objects allowed.
- He babbles and talks a lot. I think he likes listening to himself talk.
- He knows that his name is Rocco! Very cute. I have to practice calling him Inigo though because he doesn't recognize this as his name. 
- Enjoys poking and pulling my hair. 
- Very sociable! Laughs a lot, but he also recognizes strangers. He crys when being carried by someone else and he does not see Mommy or Daddy.
- He finds himself cute. He smiles everytime he sees himself in the mirror.
- Can sleep on his own without being soothed. 
- Best of all, he started on solids today!! Yahooo!
Thank you, I├▒igo Rocco, for the best six months of our lives. You make Mommy and Daddy very happy every single day!

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