Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going Bananas...Not so!

Because Rocco is highly allergic (like me!), I've been very careful with the timing of his solid feeding.  He started exactly on his 6th month birthday. He pretty much loved his cereals, but over the next few days, Rocco had become a picky eater. He always has been, even with his milk! Haaaay! He would only take a few spoonfuls (max of 15) and would fervently purse his lips and lock his mouth so that Mommy will not give him more. I'm trying to be patient about this, and praying too, that he will improve. I get consolation because his Pedia said he's growing well, and is actually heavy and long for his age, so it means he is getting enough. Pedia also said babies have different feeding patterns, and as a mom, I should just follow his signs and queues on when he's ready to gobble it all in. Buti nalang matakaw sa tulog, kaya growing well pa din :)

Going back, for his 2nd week of solids, he's on mashed bananas! I was supposed to give him avocado first, but the once I bought were not yet ripe, so I opted for bananas first. I mash it with a spoon until it's super soft, add in some cereals (really small amount just to thicken it up a bit), and a dash of milk to give him a familiar taste. He liked it the past 2 days, but today, he utterly refused. Magunaw na ang mundo, ayaw talaga nya. Maybe because it was too ripe? I dunno.
So tomorrow, he's on avocados. I hope he enjoys it now that he has a new spanky high chair. More about that in another post! Anyhoo, I have a long list of Stage 1 food that I'm excited to try out. Wholesome Foods is very helpful too as a guide. Horray to solids!

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