Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Six months and oh so active!

I can only imagine how Rocco will be when he learns how to walk. At six months, he can barely crawl, let alone walk, and yet, he's become quite a handful.

Just this morning, our usual peaceful bath time turned into an almost disaster. Rocco wanted to stand up, and kept on jumping. I was afraid he would slip, because there was water in the tub. He was being held down by me, and his yaya, while our helper was holding the tabo from behind him. Suddenly, he flung his head backwards, and it hit the tabo. Buti nalang, the force was not strong.

Are 6month baby boys really this active? Sabi ng mama ko, when I was 6months old, I was just staying in my crib the whole day. I learned how to walk while I was "trapped" in my crib too. Iba na talaga ang mga babies ngayon.

On another note...
We replaced Rocco's original stroller, which was a birth present from his Ninang. We used it quite a lot when he was smaller, but now that Rocco is becoming active, the stroller design is becoming more disaster prone. Just a few weeks ago, Rocco poked on the side metals, and his foot got accidentally stuck in between. 

We researched for a fairly priced, good quality, sturdy and lightweight stroller, and we found the one. We purchased the Chicco Echo model, and the little boy is quite loving it. I will post a review after a few months, after we've road tested his new stroller.

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