Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BFFs Day Out

Fiona Crisostomo (a longtime friend since highschool) and I have been  planning on a date at Oakridge for a long time, but we kept on postponing because of our busy schedules. Last Sunday, on Mother's Day, we had free time on our hands, so we invited the Crisostomo's to an impromptu coffee date at Starbucks, Oakridge. I really like this place because it's clean, spacious, and very child friendly.

Anyway, it's been two months since our families had a get together, the last time being my birthday. I'm so glad we took this time to meet up even for just a bit. It was a fun few hours of catching up, especially with our cute BFF babies in tow. I'm so excited for our next date which will be in a few weeks time. It's gonna be a double celebration for Fiona & Jayr's birthdays!
Rocco (my son) tried on Geboy's play & grow booster seat (Fiona's son). How cute can they be!
Rocco and Geboy got acquainted again. This time, they were more interactive.
It was a fun few hours of baby-sitting. Thank God our babies were behaved the whole time :)
Fiona and I share a lot of similar things! We're both from the same province, we've been friends since high school, graduated in the same university, were roommates in our college dorm, our husbands are both mechanical engineers, we both transferred to Cebu from Manila to be with the love of our lives who are based in Cebu, we got married a week apart, got pregnant a few days apart, and gave birth a month apart. Beat that! Now, I'm godmother to Geboy, and Fiona is godmother to Rocco. So it just seems natural for our babies to be BFFs!

It was a fun way to cap our first Mother's Day. Cheers to mommyhood :)

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