Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rocco & I at our favorite hangout

After hearing the morning mass, Sieg attended the opening program of their inter-company basketball league so we lounged at CBTL while waiting for him to finish up.
It was just Rocco and Mommy together. We brought the girls along but they strolled around the mall because it was their first time to be there.
 I love the Baby Couture bag! So stylish and chic, yet packs up all the baby essentials. 
 Two grannies also spent their afternoon at the coffee shop. So touching to witness an old couple still doing the dating stuff. They were with a yaya.
 Everywhere we go with Rocco, we must have the native fan. Rocco is so sweaty like his dad, and sometimes, the aircon cannot keep him comfortable and dry.
We coined the nickname "Rocco Popo" because the baby seems to poop on every new place we go to.  I thought this time he wouldn't poop because before we left the house, he was already done. But no!!! He just had to baptize the place. Here he is after being freshened up :)

'Twas such lovely Sunday, a great way to the start the week!
xoxo, Dianey

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