Thursday, May 17, 2012

Which Feeding Chair to Use?

Rocco will turn 6 months in a few days, and we're preparing for his next major milestone, solid feeding! It will come in very handy to have a feeding chair because Rocco cannot sit still on his own and is very strong, so he has to be strapped during feeding time, but I am so overwhelmed with the many options out there.

Now, I'm confused on which one to use. Will it be the High Chair vs. Booster Chair vs. Bumbo/Play&Grow?

High Chair
There are a lot of brands with really cute aesthetic designs, such as Graco, Chicco, and Safety 1st, but the catch is, these are freaking EXPENSIVE for a high chair. Such a waste of money. After doing extensive research, I discovered the Ikea Antilop. Taking after Swedish design which is known for basic style + function, the Antilop looks modern, functional, and easy to clean. Best of all, it's cheap! I found a local distributor which retails this product for Php2,180 (with tray). The downsides are: it's bulky, not portable, and eats up space.
Booster Chair
A booster chair is more handy, and can be strapped to a regular chair during feeding time. It can also be used for a longer period, from 6months to toddler age. But hubby is not sold on the idea of a booster chair because there is still the tendency for the straps to be loose, especially if the baby is hyper, and detach from the regular chair.

The latest craze is this genius booster seat which is strap-free. Bumbo is the imported brand, while Play&Grow is the local version. It is designed to follow the contour of the baby's body, and promotes proper posture, which in effect, helps the baby to sit without support at an earlier age. It's quite handy too, so it can be used even for travelling or quick trips outside the house. The downsides are: it's expensive, a potential hazard if used on high surfaces, and it's one-size only. We tried putting Rocco on the play&grow of his BFF Geboy, but it seems to be too fit for him already. He may outgrow it before the chair fully serves its purpose. Another concern is the strap-free design. Rocco is so strong, kicks a really good kick, and can arche his body to various positions if he doesn't like being held down. Putting him in this seat may cause unwanted injuries on my baby.
Now if I can only decide on which one to use.

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