Friday, June 1, 2012

Rocco's Ikea Antilop arrived!

I was in such a dilemma on what feeding chair to use for Rocco, that I buried myself for days researching products, and weighing their pros and cons. Holding him down during feeding used to be an option (no cost at all) but I'm excluding this since Rocco is oh so active and doesn't want to be held at all. He's that independent, you know. I also think that sitting on an actual chair during feeding will teach him good feeding habits.

Because I couldn't decide, Hubby did it for me. He doesn't like a booster chair because design-wise, it's still prone to accidents. He explained that because it is strapped to a regular chair, it does not guarantee that the chair can balance the weight of the booster, plus the active baby. The Bumbo was another cute option, but just looking at active Rocco, with his long sturdy legs, he would just force himself out of the chair, plus, he will outgrow it even before he reaches a year old.

So we decided on a high chair. I had no other chair in mind than the Ikea Antilop. I found a local distributor, who priced it reasonably (way lower than the mall prices, even at 60% off!). I ordered online in 5min, paid via Paypal, and they arranged the shipment. The shipping cost was also cheap (they tied up with AP Logic), only P450 for two boxes (one for the chair & tray, and other for the stands). The distributor was very customer friendly too, updating me on the progress of the shipment.

Yesterday, we received our package!!! Poor me, I was not able to take pictures while Hubby was assembling the parts because the little one was clinging on to me with his dear life (translated as: naglalambing).
I really love the Antilop. It's so easy to assemble (even a 5th grader can do it), very lightweight yet sturdy! It's a no-frills chair which is easy to drag around, plus, easy to clean! Rocco fits on it perfectly!

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