Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Of Birthdays and Precious Moments

Today we celebrate the birthday of Rocco's Uncle, my Hubby's only brother. The little boy hasn't seen his Uncle yet in person, only via Facetime. He works in Dubai and hasn't been back to our homeland since our wedding two years ago. Much has happened since then and the family is excited for his homecoming. I'm sure he's also excited to see everyone, especially the little boy. We cannot wait for February to arrive. We're celebrating a triple treat- Uncle Jojo's homecoming, Hubby's birthday, and Auntie Ann's wedding! Wow!

Of Precious Moments

We live a bit far from the city, and though there is seldom traffic in our route, there are times when the roads clog up and we're stuck. This is a big stressor for me. I fret on every minute that we're stuck in traffic because it means time away from our son. Lately, traffic has been so bad at the newly opened Gaisano Capital SRP. We wait for 20-30min before we can even pass by the intersection. We've been trying to find ways to contact the city mayor, but looks like everybody is thinking of the same thing. Yesterday, they eased up traffic by putting a traffic enforcer during peak hours. Now we're back to our usual travel time and we get to spend more time with Rocco at night.

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of life. We lift up to you or joys and sorrows, knowing that in your good name, we will live fruitful lives. We thank you for hearing our prayers and granting our requests without even us doing anything. You are truly an amazing Father God. Amen.

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