Friday, January 25, 2013

My "Best Driving" Experience

My goal to finally learn how to drive has been pending for a very long time. I actually got my Student Permit last January 2012, and a year passed by but I haven't even sat down on a driver's seat. There were a few times I attempted to learn with Hubby (un)patiently teaching me the know-how, but we always ended up fighting so I quit. Haha.

This year, I promised myself that before my birthday, I should be able to confidently drive on my own. I need this to regain back my independence. Haha. Seriously, I need to learn how to drive so I don't have to commute when Sieg is on travel, especially since our house is a bit far from the city. More importantly, this will help me in case of emergency, or when Rocco starts school in a few years, I can help bring or fetch him from school. So before I back out again, I enrolled at "Best Driving" School. It's a Cebu-based driving school that is consistently getting good reviews from its students.

I enrolled for ten hours, two hours each, for five sessions. So far, I've had two sessions already (footwork/car control and uphill/downhill) and I had a wonderful time learning great techniques. On the first day, I was able to drive in the highway, along with the trucks, jeeps, and all the careless drivers. Oh di ba, fast learner pa rin pala ako :) I'm so excited for the next three sessions because I will learn reverse driving, parking, and road rules.

Wish me luck!

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