Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 14th month Rocco!

Now that Rocco is a entering the toddler stage, he's become more attentive, sensitive and emotional. Leaving the house is already a struggle because he cries when it's time for us to leave. We just ask his yayas to bring him upstairs so he wouldn't see us getting out of the house and riding the car.

Likewise when we arrive home, he gets so excited and is always the first to reach the door, eagerly waiting for us to come inside the house. Once we're inside, he becomes busy checking our things, always looking for a pasalubong :)

For his 14th month, and in line with the sweet tradition that we started since he was born, we bought something to celebrate his monthly milestones. The moment we brought out the cake from the box, he got super excited and kept saying "Namnam!" We tried taking nice photos as souvenir but I have come to realize that taking clear photos of a very active toddler is close to impossible.

When Rocco saw the opportunity, he took a big bite off the cake. I was really caught offguard with his action, so I was not prepared when he started touching my blouse with his icing-filled hands. Nakakaloka :) It turned out to be a messy but fun night for us.

Happy 14th month our dear Rocco! 
We thank God every single day for allowing us to be parents to such a smart, intuitive and sweet boy like you. 
We love you very much!

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