Saturday, January 5, 2013

Almost...RIP my MBP

Last Thursday night, I played some Itunes music in my MacBook Pro (MBP) to put Rocco to sleep. A few minutes after my boy dozed off, I too became sleepy so I closed the cover of my MBP without turning off Itunes or shutting down the laptop.

The next day, I went to work as usual. I opened my MBP because I had a Skype call with a US client, but voila it didn't respond. Nada! I tried plugging in the AC and the orange light appeared so it means it was charging. I remember there was still 30% battery the night before so I doubt if it drained itself.

I searched the internet for possible reasons as to why my MBP wasn't turning on. I tried everything that was suggested but nothing worked. I asked help from our tech team who were also Mac users but their tactics didn't work either.

I was feeling hopeless but for some reason, I felt calm about the whole situation.

Last night, hubby checked on my MBP too but still no power came on. This time I told him that I'll just bring it to iCenter and have it checked. I was hoping I didn't have to shell out a huge amount just to have it fixed because I'm saving up for other more important things.

So today we went to iCenter. I explained to them what happened. After listening to my explanation, the tech guy pressed the power button and it came alive!!!! I couldn't believe it! We kept asking him what he did, but he said he just pressed the power button. Hindi talaga ako naniwala. Hubby said he pressed a combination of keys, pero ayaw nya sabihin! Is it a secret ba? I kept asking him what happened and he said my MBP went into sleep mode. So ganon? Nagpahinga lang sya for 2days without responding to our futile attempts to revive it, then suddenly it came alive when we brought it to iCenter? Super weird!

Anyway, the tech guy explained to me to shut down all apps if I won't use it overnight, or better just shut it down. Hubby also lectured me about taking care of my things. Ok, Ok!

All the while I thought RIP na si MBP ko, joke lang pala :)

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