Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Anniversary Weekend

Sieg and I celebrated our second church wedding anniversary last January 8. It was a workday so we just had a lunch date, and I got to choose the place. Our celebration came in during the weekend with a family staycation at a city hotel. It was a nice breather for us, and because we enjoyed our weekend immensely, we plan to do it often! Yahoo!

OK, so before we checked-in, I had my driving lesson first in the morning. It was my first session with Best Driving School, and what can I say, they're the best! Imagine, in 30min, I learned all the basics of car control, foot and hand coordination, and I was able to drive a manual car from Parkmall to Ayala by myself (of course, still guided by my tutor).

While I was having my driving lesson, Sieg and Rocco stayed at Ayala. Nakakatuwa naman na kaya na ni Sieg bantayan si Rocco all by himself. Dati kasi takot sya, especially since Rocco is super mama's boy and would cry when I'm out of sight. Now that he's a toddler already, he's become more independent, outgoing and curious, kaya he can be distracted with a lot of things already. When I arrived in Ayala, Rocco was running after a little girl. Sabi ni Sieg, he was playing with her daw, and kept on following her kahit ayaw na ng girl. Ang cute!

We had lunch first at Rocco's fave resto, where else kundi sa Max's. Always sure fire na kakain at mabubusog ang bagets basta sa Max's :) We were excited to check-in already so we headed off to Quest Hotel which was just right smack in front of Ayala.

I wasn't really expecting much with Quest Hotel. Hindi naman sya 5star, but it's a very classy business hotel. In fairness we were super impressed. Their lobby is super nice, the receptionists are beautiful and speaks good English, and ang rooms mas maganda pa ata compared to Marco Polo. We waited for only a few minutes and was immediately ushered to our own room. Ang bait nila because they upgraded us to a king size bed because we had an infant with us :)

Rocco missed his morning nap time so he instantly fell asleep as soon as we turned on the aircon and gave him his milk. We waited for him to wake up so we can swim in the hotel pool.
 The hotel pool was in a rooftop of the smaller building. It was nice of the hotel to put in a lot of green surrounding the pool. It was so relaxing that I wanted to sleep right then and there, kaya lang di naman pwede kasi sino magbabantay sa aking bagets. Sieg and Rocco were showering but Rocco was not in the mood because he was overwhelmed with the cold water.
It was Rocco's first real swimming pool experience so we were so excited. He loves the water so much and our bathtime would drag for longer minutes because he keeps playing with water, so I expected him to be so thrilled when he gets to swim in a real pool. Hindi pala. I guess he was scared because there were other people in the pool.
 After 5min, Rocco simply could not resist the water, kaya sobrang turo-turo sya sa Daddy nya na kunin sya.  From then on, nagplay na sila ng Daddy nya sa water. Even if it was getting windy and cold na, ayaw pa din umahon.
 After swimming, we cleaned up and rested for a bit in our room before heading off to dinner. We were supposed to order takeout pizza at Yellow Cab, buti nalang the husband treated me to a buffet dinner at the hotel bistro. Ang sarap!!!! Ang daming shrimp tempura, blueberry crepe, pastries, pasta, noodles, etc! Too many to mention kasi nga buffet (LOL). Rocco also enjoyed his food so much and stuffed his mouth with whatever we gave him. Thank God talaga for my son's healthy appetite, and daling pakainin. I know it can be quite a stress for other mommies.
We super enjoyed dinner thanks to Hubby! After dinner, we roamed around the hotel first to loosen our stuffed tummies, before we called it the night.

The next day, we woke up and did the same routine. We stuffed ourselves again with buffet breakfast. Haaaaay! I can never forget the choco filled gourmet bread which was so sinful, I thought twice before eating it, but eventually gave in. After breakfast, we rested a bit then went swimming before finally checking out.

I'm really glad we had this staycation, just the three of us. Usually our vacation is with our in-laws or parents, but this time, it was just us.

Till our next anniversary!

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