Thursday, January 3, 2013

2011 to 2012

How fast time flies! I remember December 2011 very well. I just gave birth a few weeks before that Christmas and was still battling a lot of things, from hive rashes due to my pain relievers, from sleepless nights, from frustration due to breastfeeding woes. But still I marveled at my newborn son, and thankfully did not suffer from any postpartum depression bouts.

This year, we celebrated Christmas with an active toddler! It's only been a year but boy has Rocco grown up from being a baby to a bata :)

And it just occurred to me that we're actually treading into a new phase of parenthood as soon as our boy turned a year old.

Now, Rocco can walk, run, talk, babble, imitate, eat well, say no, climb stairs, make a mess, dance, call out our names, recognize objects, play with toys, and the list goes on. Everyday, he does something new that's just so amazing!

Over the holidays, we graduated from a lot of pre-1year old stuff that we used to do:
- No more bathtubs. He just stands up while we shower him.
- No more sippy cups. He drinks his water & juice straight from the glass.
- No more dancing to sleep. I just lay him in bed and he closes his eyes. This part I miss so much because I especially love our dancing before sleeping moment. It's the time I can really hug and smell him without any resistance from him.
- No more stroller. He prefers walking.
- No more crib. He throws a tantrum when we put him in the crib.

And the list goes on... Good thing he hasn't lost his baby smell yet.

I'm having mixed emotions about this phase. I want to savor Rocco as a baby a little longer, but at the same time, I'm so happy and proud of how smart and active he's growing up to be.

Maybe it's time to have another baby :)

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