Friday, February 1, 2013

Father & Son

When Rocco was still an infant, Hubby would get jealous because the baby wouldn't let his Daddy carry him. It was all ME! I wasn't complaining though because I loved every minute. It feels good to be so wanted by your child.

But things are slowly changing. Sadly. Now that Rocco is in his toddler stage, he's more active and playful. His daddy's energy can match up so they enjoy playing together. Because of this, the little boy has become attached to his Daddy too. He calls his Papa all the time. He only calls me when he's sleepy or scared, or in pain. Other than that, all you can hear around the house is PAPA PAPA PAPA. I guess I shouldn't be jealous about this because he is a boy and it's a good thing that he is close with his Daddy.
 Rocco loves being thrown into the air. This is their "Catch me" game. As for me, I'm too scared to even attempt this.
 Rocco loves being carried like this. 
 One of their favorite past time is driving the car. Rocco is so obsessed with cars, he can sit behind the steering wheel for a long time without getting bored.
 The Daddy is patient in following the little boy around.
 This is their version of tumatambay lang. How cute is that! :)

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