Thursday, January 24, 2013

For Rocco's Boo-boos

Baby's skin is so sensitive. A mere insect or ant bite can send nasty swelling and ugly dark marks after. Worse is contracting dengue from mosquito bites!

When Rocco was still an infant, I fretted so much about this that I practically spent hours researching for baby-friendly products. I found some good ones (IndigoBaby and Human Nature) and have been a loyal user up to this day. I can absolutely attest to the magic power of Indigo's Jar of Hope. Every time Rocco has an insect or ant bite, I just dab a small amount of the almost liquid ointment and in no time, the swelling will disappear, and no dark marks will stay. No joke, it's super effective that's why I highly recommend this product to other mommies out there. Sadly though, it's not sold in Cebu and exclusively available only from Manila where the owners are based. Namumulubi naman ako sa shipping cost. Mas mahal pa sa item eh. Take for example Indigo Jar of Hope. I think it's around 380pesos, but they charge me 600pesos kasi nga may shipping. For such a small item, I find it such a waste to spend on a huge amount just for shipping. They don't have resellers here in Cebu kaya I'm left with no choice.

Enter ByNature. I was searching the net for other organic and natural baby remedies when I chanced upon ByNature. Ang gaganda ng reviews, and for an online buyer like me, kailangan makabasa ako ng at least 10reviews from separate sources before I actually consider buying the product. When I checked their site, they had listed resellers in Cebu! Yehey!!!

I bought the following:

  1. Baby Salve- for insect or ant bites
  2. Moisturizing Insect Repellant- insect repellant especially during night-time or outside play
  3. Baby Blue Bar- soap for kid's senstivie skin. I've always used Dove Baby on Rocco but I want to try this out, based on good reviews.
  4. No Bites Bar- soap especially formulated to ward of insects. Hindi naman masyadong halata ang hate ko sa insect bites, noh? Hehe. I will try this on Rocco for his night-time bath.
I will try these products and I will blog about the results soon! :)

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