Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby's Day Oriental Leyte

And I'm back! I've been on blogging hiatus for more than a week now because the whole family travelled to Tacloban for my big brother's wedding. We had a yaya in tow, but the baby was super clingy to Mommy, so nobody else could carry him for long, except...Mommy!
Anway, we had a bit of extra time during the long weekend to visit the newest hotel in Tacloban, The Oriental. It used to be the McArthur Park & Beach Resort, but was recently taken over by the Oriental. The little boy was super excited for our quick outing, judging from his pictures. He was so behaved too, and gladly sat on his stroller the whole time.
The place is not yet fully functional, but it looks really promising. The rooms remind me of Movenpick, except that the beds in Oriental are smaller. Diba, if it boasts to be a luxurious beach resort, then the beds must be really enticing. The rooms are a bit pricey too. Sana they give special rates for local residents so we can also enjoy the amenities without burning our wallets.

The main attraction for now is the huge infinity pool, which is still under construction. I'm not sure what they'll do with the beach front. Black sand kasi sya, and hindi na kagandahan ang beach. Maybe they'll put in white sand and rehabilitate it. That's sounds promising. Another plus factor of the resort is their huge convention hall. Perfect for wedding events and other special occasions. At least, there's a decent venue already in Tacloban for big events.

We didn't stay for long there because it was getting darker and there were plenty of mosquitos! Nakagat pa si Rocco twice :( More posts to follow!

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