Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Food 101: Cheers to PEARS!

Hubby and I decided to just introduce single & pureed food on Rocco's 6th month run. On his 7th month, we will gradually introduce Stage 2 foods (less mashed & finely chopped). For now, pureeing will be the way to go. We tried kasi to give him mashed but he wouldn't take it yet, parang nagcchoke.

Introducing Rocco's 4th food...PEARS! From the Wholesome Baby Food website:

  • Pears are high in fiber, potassium and Vitamin C. 
  • High in fiber, Pears like other fruits, are great aids in reducing the risks of cancer and heart attack and sustaining healthy cholesterol levels. 
  • They are also a great fruit to offer as a remedy to help alleviate baby's constipation.
  • Pears are gentle on the tummy and thus are wonderful for babies who may be suffering from Reflux
  • Pears contain no sodium, saturated fats or cholesterol. 
  • A pear is very nutrient dense meaning that there are more nutrients per calorie than calories per nutrient.
  • Pears is a great first food for baby.
So off I went to Rustans last night to buy some really nice pears. I bought 4pcs for only 48petot (not bad, huh). This would be good for 4days equivalent feedings. One pear each day is enough for Rocco. This morning, I pureed the pears using my nice blender, and it produced almost a coffee-cup size of pureed pears.

Rocco loved it! He even gobbled half of it. Siguro kasi matamis (although Hubby said it tastes bitter). I also checked, he had no rashes whatsover, and his poopoo wasn't sticky. Yeeey to pears!

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