Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yayay on Rocco's 7th month

I was supposed to blog about Rocco's 7th month, but I didn't have extra energy left. Rocco got sick last June 22. He woke up feeling slightly hot. When I took his temperature, it registered 37.6, which my sister said can be considered a "sinat" already. Being the paranoid me, I started worrying and freaking out. He showed symptoms of cough too. His condition worsened almost immediately. He had runny nose, coughed more often, and his temp went to 38.2.

Later that day we had our scheduled immunization and monthly checkup with his pedia, Dr. Lydia Chang. She's a pedia-pulmonologist, so we feel secure when she's the one doing the examination on Rocco.

Because Rocco's temp was slightly elevated, she postponed the immunization until he feels better. She prescribed some meds (haaay, I hate baby meds!) for his cough and colds. Rocco was still playful and cheerful that day, but come night time, he started to become restless. He didn't sleep well, and always woke up crying.

The entire weekend, he was super clingy to me. Feel na feel ko ang pagiging Mommy ko. Ganyan pala talaga ang babies or children when they're sick, only the mother can comfort them. I was like that too when I was younger.

Going back, Rocco only wanted me, and me alone. Even his Daddy couldn't pacify him. He cried when being carried by others, but when it's me, he would be still and quiet, and can sleep easily on my shoulder. One funny incident happened Sunday night. I was too tired and sleepless from carrying him the entire day. When he woke up from a short sleep, I asked Sieg to carry him first. I covered myself with a bedsheet so Rocco wouldn't see me. The little boy kept crying and was pointing to the big bedsheet in the bed. He didn't stop crying so Sieg put him down in the bed. He immediately squirmed and crawled (still sideways) until he got hold of the bedsheet, and kept tugging at it until I responded to him. I was impressed!! My son, at an early age of 7months, knows initiative already. Such as smart baby!

Anyway, I felt so awang-awa every time Rocco coughed. It was such a hard cough that he would cry every after coughing. He couldn't sleep, couldn't feed well, and was just becoming restless. He almost lost his voice and his eyes were turning puffy from too much crying.

So last Sunday, we bought a vaporizer. My sister told me it works well. At that point, I was desperate to try anything that would lessen my son's discomfort. Sieg went to Gaisano pharmacy where it was available, and I also asked him to buy the Rhea Inhalant.

We had problems before we could turn it on. The product runs on 110voltage, so we had to use a transformer. The fuse gave up and burned out, so we had to find another transformer. We also had a lot of questions on its proper usage.

By Monday, we were confident enough to use it. We put water on the vaporizer, poured the Rhea medicated inhalant (very soothing, it made me sleep!!!) on the outer panel, and waited for the steam to come off.

To further help ease Rocco's discomfort, I sprayed some saline solution on his nose, removed his mucus using the orange bulb and then I carried him until he was almost directly inhaling the steam from the vaporizer. Lo and behold, he calmed down, stopped crying and fell asleep. His breathing also normalized. I propped some pillows until it elevated his head, and laid him down. HE SLEPT SOUNDLY THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!! I was close to kissing the vaporizer for doing its magic!

This morning, when he woke up, his cough has loosened up, he was starting to become playful and perky again, and didn't cry. Before I left for work, I was able to put him back to sleep again. We turned the vaporizer on the entire day. Last time I checked, Rocco wasn't cranky anymore, slept well, milked a lot, and was getting more playful by the minute.

We decided to stop his meds and just continue on with the vaporizer along with Vapor Soove (safe for babies). Hopefully, his cough would go away in the next few days!!

Of course, prayers helped!! We prayed every night in front of Papa Jesus and Mama Mary to heal our baby Rocco. Thank God they heard our prayers and Rocco is getting better by the minute :)

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