Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Food 101: SQUASHing it up!

Rocco's 3rd solid food was SQUASH..or kalabasa as we call it. I personally love kalabasa! It's a staple food in our home meals. I remember when I was still pregnant, I would also eat lots of kalabasa.
According to the Wholesome BabyFood website:

  • Squash is a wonderful first food for your baby
  • 1 cup of baked squash cubes contain: Folate - 57.40 mcg and Vitamin A - 7,291.85 mg. 
  • High in Vitamins and Calcium - smooth, delicious and very nutritious

We introduced pureed kalabasa after Rocco's banana episode did not go well. He generally liked it, though he wouldn't take much of it. Ayaw na nya if nalalagyan ng kalabasa ang face nya. Arte much. Malikot kasi :) Anyway, I noticed that everytime after his squash feeding, he would have light red spots and scattered rashes around his nape and back. I think he's somewhat reacting to it. Sana naman hindi maging totally allergic. Healthy pa naman ng squash.

Anyway, we just gave Rocco his squash for 3 days and proceeded to pears, kasi ayaw na talaga nya. I'll re-introduce it to him later on when he's tasted the other food types already.

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