Monday, June 18, 2012

How we spent Father's Day

The picture is just 1/3 of how we spent the day. We had lunch at a restaurant with a top view of Cebu. It was so windy and cold up there, so Rocco was all smiles :) After lunch, we redeemed our free coffee at Starbucks, while the girls went malling. We caught up with the afternoon mass, and headed to the mall hardwares for home shopping. I'm so happy with our great finds! We planned to be home by 5PM, but ended up at 8PM! The little boy was so tired, and fell asleep almost immediately.

I'm sure the Daddy was so happy because we spent a lot of hours in his current favorite place, the hardware store!

Sidenote: We almost had a freak accident yesterday. We were looking for some dining lamps at TrueValue. The salesguy was putting on led lights on the ceiling lamp to test the one we would purchase, so he had to use a ladder. We were cramping in the small hallway, and I asked Sieg to go to the other side so Rocco would have some breathing space. We just removed Rocco that time from his stroller because he was sweating and getting cranky already. Just in time when Sieg & Rocco passed through the ladder, the salesguy accidentally dropped the screwdriver, and it almost landed on Rocco! We were so shocked. OMG! I could not have imagined what would have happened if it landed on Rocco's head.

Lesson learned. Never bring the baby in cramped spaces with potential falling objects.

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