Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vapor Soove

Because Rocco was feeling under the weather the past few days, I was desperate to try alternative products that would at least ease his discomfort. Of course, using just any product is not the case, it should be safe for babies.

I remember when I was small and sick, Mama would apply Vicks on our chest and back, and we would sometimes put Vicks on the soles of our feet covered with socks. I wanted to try it too with Rocco, but I was scared to use the usual Vicks because of some reviews saying it's toxic for the baby because of its camphor ingredient.

Good thing I discovered Vapor Soove. I saw it before being sold at a kiddie shop in Ayala, so I dropped by again to check if it was available. It was! I bought one item, and tried it on myself. Not bad at all. The aroma was really soothing and I almost slept at work (hehehe). The minty aroma is just right, not too strong for fragile babies.

I'm glad I bought one because last night, the transformer of the vaporizer almost overheated, so we had to turn it off immediately. I then rubbed some Vapor Soove on Rocco's back, chest, and at the soles of his feet, then covered his tiny footsies with socks. He was able to sleep well, Thank God!

Vapor Soove is now a must have in my baby kit. It retails at 299. Works like magic, money well spent!

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