Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wedding Weekend: Family Time

Our recent wedding weekend was also a chance for us to bond with my parents who live in Tacloban, and my sister who is now based in Manila. I grew up in a very close family, yung tipong we spend most of our activities together and big event palagi ang Sunday. I also grew up with my cousins so I want Rocco to have that same childhood experience. Sad to say, my family is scattered everywhere. May sarili nang mga pamilya and we settled in different places.

That's why we forced our parents to join us in Manila kasi it's like hitting two birds (este chubby birds) with one stone. 
The grannies terribly missed Rocco. The little boy cried when he first saw them kasi it's been 3months since he last saw them. But after lots of kisses, he eventually warmed up :)
I never imagined us being this old. Haha! I always had memories of mama and papa being young, and we were the kids. Now, hindi na kami ang apple of their eye, ang mga apo na :)
Our only decent family picture during the wedding. We were too engrossed running after the kids and trying to tidy up our hair that were flying like crazy because of the windy weather, plus we had tons of kiddie stuff in our bags, kaya naging last priority na ang picture taking. From L-R: My Mama, my sister and her son, moi, my Papa and my son.
With my in-laws. Our parting photo before leaving our suite. The bride & groom were MIA. Hihihi :)
After we arrived back in Manila from Tagaytay, we met up with my family so we can spend more time with them. Papa treated us to authentic Thai dinner at Muang Thai, na sa sobrang sarap, napakain ako ng rice!
 The next day, everyone was heading home na. My BIL was off to Dubai, my parents to Tacloban, and kami sa Cebu lang naman. We made a quick stop to Greenhills and Resorts World. My BIL wanted to see Rocco for the last time before he flew away. Thank you so much for all your pasalubongs and overflowing generosity, Uncle Jojo!
 The boys killed time at Starbucks. Walang biro, sila talaga umiinom nyan. Nakikitikim lang kami. Haha!
 Another souvenir shot. Pinoy na pinoy lang ang peg :)
Grandpa Tol and Grandma Marlyn with their unico hijo apo. First apo eh, kaya solo attention. We're trying hard not to spoil him too much.

Iba talaga ang family. I'm so blessed to have a very close family, and equally blessed to have the same close relationship with my in-laws. Everybody gets along well! We're looking forward to our next vacation, Ate Chloe's 7th birthday this July, and my sister's homecoming from the US this October! 

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  1. Family get together at wedding parties are enjoyable and pleasing. Same was with my cousin's wedding organized by my uncle at one of the superb New York wedding venues last month. Had an amazing time with everyone. Food, Dj, desserts, decorations, gifts, sweets, designer wear, photographs, fun, and lots more. Eagerly waiting for the next one.



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