Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pic of the Day: March 24-30

Photos are described from top-left to right, going down. I decided to remove the numbered dates in the pictures because I find it to be so de-cluttering.

March 24:
Rocco is getting more active by the day, and his kind of play now revolves around running, opening drawers, or reaching for things, which sometimes gets him knocked out. It was a cue for us to start child-proofing the house. We started with the table edges and the socket caps. In the coming days, we'll be adding more to cabinet locks and fan covers.

March 25: 
Rocco is a super sweet and happy boy. It's so amazing how kids can do wonders to uplift tired spirits (like ours). I found him kissing his own reflection by the cabinet. It reminded me to see more of the sweetness and goodness of everyone, especially in myself. Yes, it took a little boy to remind me of that.

March 26:
Rocco learns a lot by imitation. I used to have a hard time brushing his teeth. He would bite me, and it came to a point that I gave up (for a day only). I tried so many types of toothbrushes, but he would always resist. One day, he saw me brushing my teeth and imitated me by gesturing his hand to his teeth. Since then, we would make it a point to show him how we brush our teeth. I'm happy to say that our strategy seems to be working because I can now brush his teeth (at least on most days).

March 27:
We always make it a point to powerkiss Rocco before we leave, but it's getting harder now, because he's starting to resist our kiss.

March 28:
We don't bother buying him new toys. He can well entertain himself with the many things that he finds in our house. His latest fave, remote controls!

March 29:
He's starting to eat on his own now. I'm so emotional about this because feeding him is part of my daily ritual now, and I actually dread the day he would say "No Mama, only me" (insert mama's sad face).

March 30:
I blogged about his Ipad-ing and I must say, grabe ang mga bata ngayon, ang bibilis matuto!

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