Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our 16month old bubuwit :)

Oh yes, we still celebrate Rocco's monthsary. We're OA like that :)

Our little boy just turned 16months old, and hindi na nga maikakaila na isa na syang ganap na bata. He's so smart, intuitive, and active. Best of all, he's healthy and very happy kaya wagas din ang aming kasiyahan.

Happy 16th month, dear Rocco! May you continue to be healthy and strong. Salamat sa iyong taglay na magic, laging nawawala ang pagod ni Mama and Papa. Everything that we're doing is for you because we want the best for you!

We love you Rocco, now and forever :)

PS. He now pronounces his name as "Woco" and "Coco". How cute is that?! :)

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