Monday, March 11, 2013

30 :)

Work last Friday was so toxic, sa sobrang toxic uminit ang ulo ko on the way home and I scrapped all plans to go to the beach on my birthday. Buti nalang my son has a way of calming me. As soon as we got home, nawala lahat ng pagod ko and I was back to my jolly self. Tuloy ang saya on my birthday weekend! :)

Seriously, I stopped counting my age since I was around 27. Minsan nga, nalilito ako on how old I am.  This year though, mahirap ika-ila ang age ko. It's a milestone for me to reach the age of 30. Life has been so good to me, and I could just pray for continuous good health and safety for my family.

So how did my birthday weekend go? It was simple but meaningful. My in-laws were here, and we spent it with them. My papa also flew in from Bacolod on my actual birthday so we had lunch before dropping them to the airport. We held off our beach trip, maybe next weekend nalang.
Last Saturday, we dropped by the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) because my FIL had a Rotary event there. We stayed for a while before going mall-hopping. 
After hubby went shopping at Nike BTC, we had lunch at Choi City, a yummy Chinese resto. It was my MIL's birthday treat :) We facetimed with my SIL and her hubby who was watching the Lakers game, and we also ended up watching the last few minutes of the game via Ipad. Btw, the Lakers won, yahoo! The rest of the day, we transferred to SM, then Ayala hanggang sa napagod na kaming lahat :)
The next day, I woke up to this freshly picked pink rose from our garden. So lovely!
How should one feel when she turns 30? Ako, more than ever, I feel more confident about myself, of my capabilities, and of what I can do. Peg ko nga ngayon ang song ni Alicia Keys na "Girl on Fire". Akong ako yon! :)
With my in-laws :)
Rocco: "What are you up to Mommy?!" 
We met up with my Papa who arrived from Bacolod, and had a connecting trip to Tacloban in the afternoon. Sabay-sabay na sila ng in-laws ko. Thai food is one of my fave, so we had one at Siam! Lami kaayo!!!! Thank you Papa for the birthday treat :)
After dropping them at the airport, we went to Shangrila, Mactan to relax. Nakakasawa na din mag-mall kaya buti nalang these nice resorts are just a stone throw away here in Cebu. I love Cebu! :) We cooled off at the Acqua Bar to kill time. On our way home, we dropped by S&R kasi pre-sale!!! Magtitingin lang sana kami but ended up spending again. Hay naku S&R, iba ka. Buti nalang malayo-layo na ang bahay namin para iwas temptation :)

After S&R, we heard mass at the San Pedro Calungsod Church in SRP. Grabe, Rocco was so likot! His most likot ever. Hindi ako maka concentrate sa pagdadasal so I asked hubby to look after the little boy. After mass, Rocco was asking for his milk already, and on the way home, TKO na :)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me 30 years of a happy & simple life. Please give me a chance to live many more years so that I can see my son grow up to have his own family. I pray for good health, protection and provisions so we can always live simply but comfortably. 



  1. happy bday D! Kapag mommy ka na talaga ang prayers naten, long and healthy life para sa atin. So we can see our kids grow up. ibang iba na. ganyan din prayers ko. long and healthy life sa amin. and sa inyo din.

    take care! nice bday celeb.

  2. oo nga garet, talagang change in perspective kapag mommy na, pero no regrets naman kasi the best talaga pag mommy na! :)



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