Tuesday, March 5, 2013

@ 15 months

At 15 months, Rocco is at his most active self. Expected naman kasi boy, pero grabe, when I look at other boys his age, ibang level ang pagka playful ni Rocco. He has a friend here at the village who's just a few months younger than him. The other boy just sits in his stroller most of the time. He can even doze off there, and be left alone without having to worry if he will attempt to climb off his stroller.

Kay Rocco, naku disaster yan. He doesn't even want to sit in his stroller. Ibebenta ko na lang siguro. I'm not sure if it's the effect of super minimal exposure to TV, ipads, or gadgets. We really limit these to him during weekdays kaya he's more exposed to play. Add up his equally playful and talkative yayas and we've got a super hyper boy :)
At my sister's house in Malabon, he stayed up until past 11PM just playing.
When Rocco had cough and colds after our Manila trip, we had our share of sleepless nights. I had to carry him for most of the night kasi ayaw talaga nya magpababa. I asked hubby to get the red swivel chair para makaupo naman kami habang paikot ikot. As soon as the boy got well, he played with the chair too. Super laughing sya while circling with the chair :)
When we were at Resorts World, hindi mapakali ang Rocco. Ikot dito, ikot doon. He was so curious with everything, which I think is good.
 This is our drama every night. Mahirap na sya patulugin because he just wants to play and play. He picks on everything he can see. Nakakatuwa nga because he figured out how to insert the wire from the speaker to the Ipod, and even turned on the Ipod himself. He also knows the concept of dark & light. We force him to sleep by turning off all the lights. One time, when we did this, he got hold of the Ipod which was near him and pressed it so that the light would come on. He used it as guide while he was running away from us. We ended up laughing so hard :)
As soon as he wakes up, he either says OUT, or stand up to get his toys. Our room is always in a beautiful messy state which I absolutely love.
Multitasking? Though he's not a TV fan, he really loves this online Fisher Price game called Peekabo. We love this app too because he can just click on any keyboard and the game will function properly. No need to worry about wrong keyboards being pressed.
Rocco absolutely loves the outdoor. He can very clearly communicate when he wants to go out. He simply says OUT while pointing to the door. When he's outside, he's friendly with the other kids and mingles with them. He also loves playing with their toys. That orange car is not his, but he played with it for hours. Buti nalang the owner was very nice and shared his toy.
Who doesn't love a horsey game? I can't remember who started the game with Rocco, but boy, he hasn't stopped playing horsey since then. Even when we're about to go to sleep, he still climbs to us and shakes his body. Nakakatawa talaga.
That's not his toy too! I love our village because Rocco has a lot of playmates, and a lot of shared toys too :)
I don't know what's with the guitar, but Rocco loves playing with it. He has a toy guitar but he prefers the real and big one. In fairness, he knows how to strum the chord, at minsan may tune pa :)

Rocco is just 15months old but I'm so amazed by how much he's grown, especially after he turned 1yr old. He can easily imitate, can do sign language, can pronounce simple words, can follow instructions, and more. How much more in the coming months! Exciting!

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