Saturday, March 30, 2013


At 1yr and 4months old, Rocco's so good at operating his Ipad, nakaka-amaze at how little babies can use their Ipad like grown ups. Password nalang ang hindi nya alam, at we don't have any plans of teaching him that too.
In fairness to us, we control his Ipad hours. We only allow him when we're around, and only for a number of minutes spread out through the day. When we're at work, we keep his Ipad. Naku mahirap na, baka ang yaya ang maging master.
I think it's OK naman to allow kids to use Ipad para hindi naman sila behind sa technology. The key there is CONTROL. I just hope that Rocco will continue to love books, toys, and active play as much as he loves his Ipad.

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