Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Weekend: Meeting up with good old friends

Hello world!! I'm back and so excited to blog about a lot of things. We've been out of town last weekend to celebrate my SIL's wedding in Tagaytay. It was a welcome breather for us, and sort of a reunion and bonding time with our respective families.

I have so much to talk about and I'm not sure it will fit into one post! Gosh, where do I even start?

OK, so we took the red-eye flight last Thursday. I wasn't aware when I bought our tickets that we will be boarding a turbo plane. Yung maliit na super tagal nang flight. The normal 1hr trip took us 1hr and 40min. Nakakaloka! Rocco was super scared the entire time and kept on crying until he fell asleep from exhaustion. We arrived Manila around 12midnight and was fetched by my sister. We spent the night at their house in Malabon.
Pics grabbed from Abbey & Ina's FB accounts
The next day, we headed of to Greenbelt to meet up with my former officemates from SMART. Good thing that we used my sister's car and hubby was the one driving because it was less stressful commuting EDSA.

It was so nice to finally meet up with everyone after almost 3years. Grabe, parang ganon pa rin, except the added fats. Haha! Kulang ang oras namin kasi we just met over lunch break and they had to go back to their respective jobs.

I missed some other good friends like Garet, Vanessa, Jenny, Agnes, Ana, and Lot. Sana I get to visit them again and mas matagal ang chikahan. I was also supposed to meet my other friends who are based in Manila but unfortunately, our sched didn't match up. There's always a next time pa naman.

More posts on our wedding holiday! :)

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