Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 10th!

Has it been 10 months? How fast time flies! In 2 months time, my first child will be a year old. Wow! Sometimes, I look at Rocco in awe, mesmerized by his flawless skin, chinky eyes, super straight hair, his charming smile, and just everything about him.

He seems older than his age. He communicates through words and actions. He clearly calls us mama and papa now. He recognizes us in pictures, and can point out properly who is mama and papa. When he dislikes something, he shakes his head. He know how to wave "hi", or signal "bye-bye". He can follow close-open well, and can align with his forefinger. He loves looking for hidden objects, especially his toys which I hide from him just to see if he can find them.

He's also learning how to walk now. He cruises around, while holding on to furnitures, or the edge of his crib. When outside, we hardly use the stroller or walker anymore, because he prefers to walk with us guiding him. He opens bags, drawers, boxes, or just about anything he can hold on to. He makes pa-beautiful eyes, and can really dish out a really cute smile. The list goes on and on.

Before I got pregnant, I seriously doubted if I can last for long taking care of a baby. Ako pa! But when I had Rocco, I found motherhood so gratifying, no amount of sleepless nights and days can ever compensate for the happiness and contentment that Rocco has brought to our lives.

Happy 10th month to our little shaolin! 
We love you ten times over!

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