Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo blast from the past: My Ateneo MBA Days

I was scanning my external HDD when I found all my pictures neatly organized by year, and by occasion. Isa lang ang masasabi ko, I looked so thin and young in most of my pictures! Kelan kaya? Maibabalik ko pa kaya ang aking maalindog na katawan? Hahaha! I got really inspired and I pray that I have enough discipline to really diet this time.

Unfortunately, hindi pa uso ang Facebook during my Ateneo MBA days. Buti nalang I was bit of a camwhore since then so may pictures naman akong napreserve.

Pardon the photo overload. I'm reminiscing my MBA days (and my beautiful body, LOL!).

 This was taken last October 22, 2008 during our Marcom (Marketing Communications) Finals Presentation. I love how I looked here. Sakto lang.
 Asan na kaya ang blouse ko na ito? Gusto ko talaga!
Ang payat naman ng arms ko dito!
 This was taken last July 5, 2008 during our Marketing Management Finals.
This was also taken sometime July 2008 for our Human Resources Management Finals.
 Taken last October 25, 2008 after our STRAMA Class. We were a really fun and happy bunch. 
Ang payat ko lang dito. 
 Taken sometime March 2009 when my Atenean friends and I went to Cebu & Bohol for summer. I brought Sieg along with us.
My gosh! Ang liit ng tummy ko. Kailangan ko ata ng one million situps para maibalik ito :)
 Taken last November 2009. We went to Tagaytay Highlands and spent the weekend there. 
Gosh. Kita pa collarbone ko dito.
Taken last January 2010 for one of my despedida gimmicks before transferring to Cebu. GoodEarth was our favorite hangout in Rockwell. 
Taken last August 2009 during our graduation rites.

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