Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Monday! Who's Got Beautiful Eyes?

Good morning everyone!!!

Yes, despite the lack of sleep, I still feel alive and rejuvenated. Maybe because of this perfume I'm wearing today, nakakagising!

So much has happened the past weekend.

First was the really strong earthquake last Friday night. I was upstairs in our room looking after Rocco who was sleeping soundly already. Then I felt the room move. It was an earthquake indeed. I just stayed put and waited calmly if it will stop. IT DIDN'T and IT JUST GOT STRONGER! By this time, Sieg was rushing upstairs to get us down. I scooped Rocco who was still sound asleep and we were ready to get out of the house na. The chandeliers were swaying wildly. Thankfully, we were spared from any damage or destruction. Ironically, I didn't panic while it was happening. As soon as the earthquake stopped, we went back to our room and I put Rocco to the bed again.

On a more positive kwento, we went to Rocco's pedia last Saturday for his 9th month checkup, which was also the schedule for his measles vaccine. I'm so happy because Rocco is a well baby! He now weighs 9.8kilos and a whooping 80cm in height! Mejo on the lean side nga lang ang body frame nya. I doubt nga if he will really get fat and chubby kasi SUPER LIKOT nya! I swear! He's only 9 months pero parang toddler na ang kalikutan nya!

Yesterday, we just stayed in the house because Rocco caught a mild cough & cold. It was also raining hard. I love spending lazy days with my family! The whole time, we were just playing, and I was coercing the little boy to show me his beautiful eyes :)
Rocco is so funny! He never fails to make us laugh, and always puts a huge smile on our faces. Here he's making pa-cute with his naughty grin, and finally he showed his beautiful eyes! ENJOY!

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