Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Sundates

Our new place is super kid & family friendly. There's a lot of open space where children can bike, walk or run around. It's also a plus that most of our neighbors are also young parents with little kids so Rocco has a lot of future playmates. I like it also that the village is compact. I think there are less than 50 houses here so it's less crowded. Sikat na nga si Rocco dito! During weekends, Rocco and I stroll around the village and everytime, our neighbors would call out to him "Rocco, Rocco!" Aba, ang daming fans ng aking anak! Todo smile naman kasi :)
Rocco is used to being outdoors. His yaya said every afternoon, Rocco wants to be outside. Even in the morning, after he wakes up, he would cry until I bring him outside for our morning walk.

Since we heard the anticipated mass yesterday in time for Mama Mary's birthday, we just stayed home the whole Sunday. Early this afternoon, we took the baby out for his afternoon walk. Of course, he had to get dirty! Ang kulit, pero ang cute! :)

I love my Sundates! Just the perfect kind of day for me :)

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