Friday, September 28, 2012

Halo-halong Kwento: Series 1

Last night, while driving home from S&R, I asked hubby.
"Do you miss your single days when you used to live with your friends in one compound and just do spontaneous activities with them?"

Hubby replied.

"I'm done with that. I want to spend my days now with you and Rocco."

Abot tenga ang smile ko :)


Yesterday, I woke up with wet cheeks.
Rocco was smothering me with kisses.

So sweet of my son :)


Yesterday I called home to check on Rocco.

I asked the little boy, "Are you eating now?"

He said, "Ya!"

I said, "I love you"

He replied back "Ayayo"

I'm on a high! :)


Rocco's yaya reported that the little boy has been picky with his food.

He did not eat his lugaw.

He only ate little portions of bread, mango, avocado.

This morning, I fed him choco marble cake from S&R.

He was able to finish 1 thick slice! With matching cry pa when I said enough na.

Marunong na mamili ang anak ko. High maintenance ito! :)

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