Monday, September 10, 2012

Rocco's Hair Evolution

When Rocco was born, he had cradle cap.  According to Wikipedia:

Cradle cap (infantile or neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis, also known as crusta lacteamilk crusthoneycomb disease) is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of recently born babies. It is usually not itchy, and does not bother the baby. Cradle cap most commonly begins sometime in the first 3 months. Similar symptoms in older children are more likely to be dandruff than cradle cap. The rash is often prominent around the ear, the eyebrows or the eyelids. It may appear in other locations as well, where it is called seborrhoeic dermatitis rather than cradle cap.

His pedia told us that normally it would just go away by itself, but a small percentage would carry it on to adulthood. Whaaat!! What made it worse was his cradle cap scattered to around 3/4 of his scalp and it blocked off most of his hair growth.  I was seriously scared.

I couldn't wait till the flakes would fall off by itself. Despite initial opposition from the Daddy, I peeled off soft portions of the patch. It's best to do this after bath time because it's when the scalp if very soft. Of course, I didn't force the patches to peel off. I religiously massaged his scalp for over a month until everything was gone.

And his hair started to crazy! I didn't notice it at first, but as I browsed through his old pics, his hair really did grow a lot!
It started out as eeny weeny hair spouts standing on his head. By his 7th month, Rocco almost had a head full of hair! Akala mo toddler na :) Now, his hair is always messy because he is always active and sweaty, and refuses when his hair is combed.

My solution: Tie the untidy bangs! The daddy opposed it (for obvious reasons) but when I showed him that rashes were starting to develop on Rocco's forehead because of hair irritation, then he succumbed to the baby's new hairstyle :)

When Rocco turns 1 year old, we will head off to the kiddie barber shop to have his first haircut! I'm thinking of a nice & clean Rizal look, but the Daddy wants it mohawk!

Nakakaloka. Good thing is, we still have a few months to compromise on that :)

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