Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lovin the outdoors!

I'm still undecided if we'll ever give in to the pressures of raising a gadgety child. Everywhere I go, children have Ipads and gadgets with them. I wonder if they ever go out and play dirty in the streets, just like the old good days.

We want Rocco to experience an active childhood, where he will play outside till he smells like araw already. We want him to learn the traditional games of sipa, dakop-dakopay, tumba-lata, lanat-lanatay, holens, and many more. We want him to be active and explore his surroundings.

Thank God the little boy seems to have a liking for the outdoors. He enjoys it everytime we're outside the house!
 We allow him to get dirty once in a while.
 Our morning ritual and weekend ritual. Strolling around the village. 
He loves the outdoors so much that I fed him his afternoon snacks in the garage. 
Tambay lang ang peg.

At least this is a good start! Ok lang maging amoy araw at nognog ang anak ko, kesa naman nakahilata sa harap ng TV at gadgets buong araw :)

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