Friday, September 21, 2012

A Mother's Greatest Fear

When I found out I was pregnant with Rocco, my initial reaction was fear. For one, I have a thyroid problem and it causes my hormones to fluctuate. I was afraid it might cause issues with my pregnancy, especially since I was told time and time again that I may have difficulty conceiving because a part of my thyroid was removed already. Second, during the time I conceived Rocco, I just had my wisdom tooth extracted, and had another root canal procedure to repair another tooth. I was heavily under medication that time.

So through out my pregnancy, there was always that fear of my baby coming out with defects. No mother ever wants that. I thank God that Rocco was born healthy, and continues to be healthy up to this day. Of course, the future is always uncertain. With the environment we are living in nowadays, diseases and illnesses are rampant. We never know when it will ever strike us, or a member of our family (HOPEFULLY NOT!).

That is why I was in awe when I came across these two blogs of inspiring mothers whose children were afflicted with childhood diseases. I tell you, I was consistently brawling every time I read their blogs. I felt their pain and their fears because I am a mother myself. I cannot imagine being in their position. 

Read on and be inspired. 

To the two mothers, Maya and Anjie, I salute you! I will continue to pray for your family. Stay blessed!

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