Monday, September 17, 2012

Rocco's Stranger Anxiety

We really should be exposing Rocco more to other people. As much as possible, I tell her yaya to bring Rocco out in the afternoon and stroll around the village so he would see more faces aside from us. You see, Rocco exhibits behavior of stranger anxiety. Everytime he sees a new face who coos him, he really gets upset, cries, and clings on to me or his Daddy for his dear life. He's like this with his grandparents and to our friends.

Recently, we had visitors in the house, and as usual, Rocco was uneasy and cried a lot. I wonder when this will change. I'm worried he'll still be like this on November when the whole family will be in Cebu for his birthday. Baka iyakan blues nalang kami nito the whole time :)

 Rocco was already softening up to his Lola Theda after 2 days of cooing. Still the little boy stiffened when carried by his Lola.
Rocco woke up from his sleep and was startled to see a lot of unfamiliar faces cooing him. Naturally, he cried! I had to soothe him a lot, but still he relented, so I had to bring him upstairs to our room so he could calm down :)
But when it's just us at home, the little boy is super smiling and laughing always.

According to this online article:

"Sometime around 6 months, babies get worried about being around people that they don't see everyday. You may see your baby's"disengagement cues" at the very first sight of friends and relatives. She may cling to you frantically and cry if anyone else tries to hold her. Even though this reaction may be inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing, it is an important step for your baby."

"Stranger anxiety signals two good things. First, your baby has decided that you represent a safe haven for her. Second, your baby is probably gaining physical skills that allow her to move away from you like rolling, creeping, and crawling. Her anxiety ensures that she doesn't move too far away from those who will protect her. As she improves her skills to explore her world, her instincts tell her to stay close. Stranger anxiety doesn't completely go away but lessens by the time babies are 18 to 24 months old."

I guess we just have to be patient with this behavior, and pray that Rocco will get over it soon! Sayang naman ang smile nya if our family and friends cannot witness it straight from the little charming boy :)

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