Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Salute!

Motherhood brought out the sentimental and emotional side of me. I easily swoon over cute kids, laugh at silly jokes, and cry over dramatic parenting videos.

Well, this one did it, though I think both parents should be given equal appreciation in raising Olympian-like kids! (But it's almost Mother's Day, so it's OK, highlight on the Mom please :P )
I remember my two elder sisters had ballet classes during their summers, and my kuya joined a Milo basketball tournament several times. Well for me, my best recollection was attending a summer class for Microsoft Office 101. When I was a kid, I never got into serious sports. I don't even remember joining recitals, joining tournaments, or competing in Intramurals or Sportsfest. I don't blame my parents for it. We are four kids, and maybe they just got too tired when it was my turn (I am the youngest).

Looking back, I wish I got into sports. It would have helped me become more active in exercise, and actually have the discipline to sustain it. I envy those whose hobbies include playing volleyball, badminton, run marathons, while I enjoying eating, watching movies, or sleeping. Haha! Talk about a sedentary lifestyle.

Well I am a mom now. I won't promise to make Rocco an Olympian, but I hope Sieg and I can expose him to the world of sports. I'm sure we will, especially because Sieg is such a sports buff. I imagine them playing basketball, swimming, or running marathons together. I know it takes great commitment and sacrifice bringing my son to practice, attending to his extra-curricular activities, and so on, but I'm sure it can be done.

I want him to experience things that I didn't experience for myself. That is a promise.

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