Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rocco turns 5months!

Rocco turned 5months last Sunday, and it's been the most fulfilling 5 months of our lives! This pogi little boy is a constant source of our happiness, really takes all the stress from this chaotic world, and never fails to put a smile on my normally grumpy face :)
Last Sunday, we took time off from hearing mass with Rocco because he was still nursing a cold. We just stayed home, slept, played with him, and had our celebratory blowing of his monthsary cake :) Unlike the previous months where he had little reaction at all to the candles or the cake, this time, he couldn't stop staring at the cake (as if he wanted to eat) and I even freaked out a bit because he kept on reaching for the lighted candles!
Rocco is progressing very well. He's now 70cm long, and 7.9kg heavy. He's not a fat baby, more of lean, which makes me happy because looks like he did not inherit my fat genes :P I'm so happy because Rocco is such an easy baby. My parents wouldn't even believe that he sleeps so easily, until my mama visited and witnessed firsthand how Rocco behaves. He's not a crybaby at all. He doesn't even cry when he's hungry, he will just suck on his thumb and that would be our queue. He would only cry if he's left alone in the crib and cannot see a face talking to him (even if you'e nearby), and when Mommy's voice is loud. Hubby said I found my perfect match, so it's time to tone down the voice :) He also laughs a lot, as in A LOT! Just seeing his Daddy's face, and he would totally squeal in delight. Haaaay, kakatuwa talaga!

His other milestones which I'm happy to note are:
- During tummy time, he can already lift his chest by extending his arms.
- He can roll over and then back with ease.
- He can sit for longer periods with support.
- He loves it when he bounces, so we play horsey horsey a lot.
- He puts anything he can get hold of in his mouth. But this time, his grip and grasp are more firm.
- He reaches out for things already. He loves to reach out for "Jenny the Giraffe".
- He grabs his toes and tries to raise them so it would reach his mouth.
- He thumbsucks A LOT! I'm still thinking of a way to correct this. I don't want to use a pacifier.
- He knows when it's vitamin time. He opens his mouth on queue!
- He babbles and talks a lot.
- He already knows who Mommy and Daddy are.
- He knows his name, and responds when being called. But I think he likes it better when we call him "Pogi" because his smile is unmistakeable.
- He loves to grab my hair, poke on my face, or just touch my hands.
- He smiles at himself when facing the mirror. He finds himself so cute!
- He knows how to resist when he doesn't want or like something.
Happy 5th Rocco!!! 
Mommy and Daddy loves you to the moon and back! 


  1. yan? how will I follow you? I don't know. haha - ava

  2. ava dear!!! for blogs i follow, i place them in my bloglist, but you have to add that feature to your screen. yours is TOOO clean. haha! or you can add it to your reading list in your blogger dashboard.



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