Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whatta Crazy Week!

It's been a crazy week. PERIOD. I wish I could blog more often and snap more photos, but work and motherhood got in the way. Work is so hectic, I pray it will simmer down a bit and let me enjoy my life more. On the motherhood front, well, the past days were challenging.

My baby got sick. He got a cold, and I freaked out!!! I don't know what triggered it, I've been running through my head so many possibilities:
1. The summer heat. It's insane.
2. Rocco is SOOO sweaty. So much like his Daddy.
3. My mama had allergic rhinitis, and she was here until last Sunday.
4. We brought Rocco to Church last Sunday. There were a lot of people there.
5. I had to leave very early for work the entire week. So last Monday, I gave Rocco an early morning bath. Say 6:15AM. I think it was too early for him.

Taken last Monday, he had colds already, but still playful :)
By afternoon of Monday, my baby had a runny nose. So kawawa. I kept praying it wouldn't get worse. I texted his pedia, my mom, my sister, and searched the internet for info. It helps to be educated about these stuff.

I'm so happy because Rocco beat the nasty cold! He was still super perky, fed well, slept well, his nose did not get clogged. He was just so kawawa because he had runny nose, sneezed a lot, and had watery eyes.

I bought a nasal decongestant, but didn't have to spray on his nose because his mucus did not thicken. We only aspirated him so he could sleep well. By Wednesday, he was feeling much better.

Today, he is A-OK and sleeping like a baby again. I can finally get a good sleep, knowing my baby is breathing well. Thank you Papa Jesus and Mama Mary!

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