Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Long Holidays

Our holy week plans abruptly changed because Hubby's trip to China was postponed. Sayang!! If we only knew about it earlier, we could have gone home to Tacloban, instead of the family coming over to Cebu.

Anyway, my in-laws were in town during the whole long holidays. Of course, they're excited to see Rocco. Ang unang apo nga naman. I hope my son won't become too spoiled with them. My mother was supposed to arrive early too, but she changed her flight schedule to Sunday because she would be here for an extended stay. Also, mukha na kaming sardinas sa bahay. We don't live in a mansion, you know :)

Thursday and Friday were spent at home. Last Saturday though, we decided on an instant trip to a beach. Hello! Cebu is blessed with white sands and long stretch of beaches, so why not take advantage of it, di ba? No need to ride an airplane, so gora kami to Mactan.

Hubby was the one who chose the location, and we landed to Portofino. At first, I thought it was a very small and crowded beach. We arrived very early, at around 10AM and the parking lot was almost full. OA sa dami ng tao! We almost backed out, buti nalang we explored a bit. We discovered that there are many parts of the resort. There is the public area where the white sand is, the hidden lagoon, the diving spot, and the big swimming pool. Guests can bring their own food without a corkage fee, and their's an area for instant grilling. Saya talaga! For those like us who had no food, they have a nice floating restaurant with a beachfront view that serves buffet.
 This is the floating restaurant with a nice beach view. The fresh air was so heavenly!!! Nakakatanggal ng stress.
 At the back is a landscaped area where guests can put up a tent if they like to. There is also a clubhouse (sort of) where guests can play games or sing karaoke music.
 This is the public area. They have a lot of cool amenities and beach activities that will keep guests entertained through their whole stay.

 Everybody was just chilling around. It was a cool and decent crowd, so I loved it!
 Shangrila Mactan is just a stone throw away.
 Rocco seemed to love the fresh air because he slept very well. 
 At my back is a hidden lagoon. Good thing we roamed around and discovered this nice spot!
 This is their nice swimming pool. It's really huge, all the way to the back.
 The grannies looking over their grandson :)
 Look who's so happy to be at the beach!! Don't worry Rocco, we will have more beach trips in the future. 

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