Monday, April 2, 2012

More milestones for my 4month old Rocco

I love weekends because it means more quality time with Rocco. Well, this weekend turned out to be exciting and full of surprises!

Rocco's yaya told me that he can close-open his hands already. I tried it, and he really did close-open his hands on queue. Next I did was to teach him appear-disappear. So funny because he was following my hand so he could appear :) He did it a few times then got bored.

Rocco is also learning other ways of getting attention and some baby sign language. He usually plays with his saliva because he is drooling, but this time, he's playing with a spitting action. And he only does it when we're looking. He also knows how to say no. He will wave his hand, push away, and shake his head when he doesn't want milk. He seems to understand baby language because when I say "ssshhhh" with an action sign, he keeps quiet and looks at me with intent. Cute!

What's funnier is the way he wants to be carried. Since he steadily gained enough neck strength already to hold his head without support, he wants to be carried toddler-style. I usually carry him cradle style but he would wiggle and cry until I change his position.

But what surprised me the most is his growing independence. I usually have to soothe and cradle him for 2-5min before he can sleep, but this weekend, he didn't want to be carried anymore. Giving in to his signs, I placed him in bed during his nap and bed times, and he just positioned himself comfortably, closed his eyes and slept.

How wonderful can it be!

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