Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Easter Bunny

Our first Easter Sunday with Rocco went by smoothly, except that the baby was too pre-occupied with so many activities, and family visitors constantly entertaining him, that feeding time became hard.
We heard Easter Mass, and Rocco was asleep 3/4 of the time. I'm so happy he decided not too poop there. The last time, it was a poopy and smelly one for us :)

My in-laws who were in town wanted to do some shopping so we headed off to where else but SM. I get agitated and anxious every time Rocco is in the mall. I imagine a lot of viruses lurking around or sickly people who might be contagious. That's why we only stay in two areas, a spacious and child-friendly restaurant, and a coffeeshop.
 Rocco loves to observe people, and he's at his happiest when he sees a lot of them.
 Rocco doing his own version of temple run. He LOVES being held like this!

We also took a quick stop to a pictorial area where kids can dress up and wear an Easter Bunny headband.
 Cute bunny!
 Happy bunny!

After malling, we headed off to the airport to pickup my mother, who was also in town to visit Rocco. Overall, it was a fun family day. More long weekends to come! 
 My happy boy.
 Daddy's jokes are so in! Bentang-benta kay Rocco.
Happy to see Grandma Flor :)

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