Monday, April 2, 2012

A Poopy Sunday

Speaking of weekends, yesterday was one of a kind. Why? Because Rocco decided to poop on his Mommy while mass was ongoing, in an air-conditioned church at that. Hahahaha! Sorry sa mga katabi namin, it smelled like poop for a few minutes.

I knew he would poop at the church, I just didn't anticipate that it would be that plenty. The minute I carried him so we could go to the changing room, his poop oozed out of his diaper and went straight to my clothes. Talk about a messy and smelly Sunday.

Anyway, none of that dampened my spirits, because we still managed to have a good lunch and coffee.
My boys. Ang po-pogi :)
Rocco and Mommy :)
It was a lovely weekend, indeed! 

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