Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pic of the Day: May 5 to 11

Photos are described from top-left to right, going down. 

May 5:
We brought Rocco to an open field for some quality time. He roamed and ran along the football field and played some basketball with his papa. Good times!

May 6:
The next day, Rocco suddenly got sick. He kept vomiting like crazy! I was panicking and so terrified that we rushed him to his pedia.

May 7:
Rocco was still sick. I was monitoring his fluids because he might get dehydrated. So wawa because he refused to eat, drink, and refused his meds. He just kept asking for me to carry him and stay with him. Nakakatakot his vomiting kasi parang gripo.

May 8:
His meds were kicking in. He felt better to play a little but his sickness progressed to diarrhea because of his meds. Ang hirap talaga pag may sakit ang anak.

May 9:
I still stayed home because Rocco wasn't feeling well yet. It was also a much deserved quality time with my son.

May 10:
Thank God Grandpa Nitoy arrived. Iba talaga pag andyan parents mo.

May 11:
Rocco was already feeling well by the weekend so we trooped to Lantaw Busay Restaurant for some yummy food and great ambience.

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